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Beyond the language gap

When people get together to share ideas in different languages, it can be very exciting. Different cultural perspectives bring different points of view and with it the potential for great creative ferment. But coordinating this sort of event needs preparation.

People need to understand what other delegates are saying, in numerous languages through plenaries and break-outs, videos and hand outs and Q & A sessions. Forget to connect the roving microphone to the interpreter booth, and some of the audience will never forgive you. That’s why it helps to bring a military discipline to the project from the start.

Simultaneous interpretation is an art, how do you reach the deeper meaning of what people are trying to say.

making the most

of your conference

Preperation, preparazione

At ems communications we know how to make your multi lingual conference work. We ask the right questions, and then hire the best interpreters for the job. We do the right preparation and install the best soundproof booths and audio visual equipment. We make sure every aspect of the conference has been considered from a linguistic point of view. Our aim is to make sure your event lives up to the potential and expectations of the people who attend it.

Sector Expertise

As well as getting the right languages it really helps if your interpreters are familiar with the sector. Pharmaceutical has its own jargon and style of thinking. As does banking, tech, medical, fashion or management consultancy. By getting people who really understand the industry as well as the language, you guarantee the best chances for a really productive conference.

A higher level of interpretation

While the first sessions in a conference are often about bringing people up to speed, there’s often a different kind of activity towards the middle and end of a conference. In these phases, delegates are often trying to solve problems, to create new ideas that address the issues raised earlier. This requires delegates to shift from relating to thinking. And this is where good interpreters are worth their weight in gold. A good interpreter helps an organisation create new thoughts and ideas. It demands not only consummate linguistic skills, but also a certain sophistication and wordliness.

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